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The Story of Two Used Greenhouses from Craigslist

A Testament to the Durability of BC Greenhouse Builders Products

Big thanks to Larry Clarkson for telling us the story of his two used Traditional Greenhouses

Larry won the greenhouse lottery and found two used BC Greenhouse Traditional model greenhouses on, of all places, Craigslist. It's worth saying that we do not sell used greenhouses. After this story broke, our email blew up with requests from customers wanting to buy refurbished greenhouses. 

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Traditional Greenhouse

Breathing New Life into Used BC Greenhouses

We recently helped out some customers who had purchased one of our greenhouses secondhand! The greenhouse was fully functional and they only needed a handful of new vents and screws. But other than that, it looks to be in pretty great shape! They were very happy with their purchase and we love seeing our greenhouses continuing to get love years after they are originally sold.

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