Buying a Used Greenhouse: A Story of Sustainability and Quality

rebuilt vintage BC Greenhouse

Where can I find a used BC Greenhouse?

We are asked this question quite a bit. Typically people pass their used greenhouses down through family members or they are moved to the next house with our customer because you can disassemble and move them.  Occasionally, you will see a Cross Country Greenhouse on Craigslist.

Secondhand Greenhouse Customer Experience

We received a call from someone who had purchased our 8x12 Traditional single glass greenhouse on Craigslist for $1000 and during the disassemble, a couple of panes of glass were broken so did we have foam tape and some gaskets with the glass that he could buy?  You bet.  We asked him to send a photo of the greenhouse so that we would know how old it was - the size of the bays have changed slightly over the years.

used greenhousesThe picture told us that he had purchased a greenhouse that was 40+ years old.  Originally this would have been around $750.  That's good appreciation given that it was happily used for 40 years.  As you may guess, this is something that makes us very proud.  There is nothing we want more than our greenhouses to be used and loved and not in a landfill.

We fully expect this greenhouse to last another 40 years or more.  This is one of the major benefits of our product.  It's not a big box greenhouse that is going to collapse or weather in 2-3 years.  We stand by the adage that quality counts.

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