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Erin Berkyto - The Knotty Garden

Erin has had her hands in a garden from early childhood and she has tended to her own garden for over 14 years. Her passion has only grown with time and it is now a year-round pursuit. Erin is passionate about seed-to-plate food and urban wildlife gardening. She grows food for her family in her Zone 8 urban garden which is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

The knotty Garden greenhouse

Moving Day: Transforming My Greenhouse Dreams into Reality

Following the completion of my greenhouse construction, I had a new task at hand. Moving in!

I had been dreaming about making my greenhouse a greenhome since I put down the deposit on my Cottage model.

The process ended up taking up a bit more execution and planning than I had initially envisioned. There were many factors to consider and it helped to see the completed, enclosed space before starting the process.

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Digging a greenhouse foundation

Preparing for My Forever Greenhouse: Site Selection and Foundation

Construction is well underway in preparation for my greenhouse! It took time and careful consideration to get the site just right. Since this is my ‘forever’ greenhouse, I needed to make sure that I took into account a number of factors before getting started.

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hydrangeas in front of white bc greenhouse

The Journey to Building My Dream Greenhouse

The Need For a Greenhouse: Overcoming Challenges as a Gardener

The first year I started my own garden, I knew that I needed a greenhouse. As a greenhorn gardener, I was already trying to start my flowers and vegetables from seed. It is no easy feat in the absence of a greenhouse. So, I started my search to building my first greenhouse.

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