The Journey to Building My Dream Greenhouse

hydrangeas in front of white bc greenhouse

The Need For a Greenhouse: Overcoming Challenges as a Gardener

The first year I started my own garden, I knew that I needed a greenhouse. As a greenhorn gardener, I was already trying to start my flowers and vegetables from seed. It is no easy feat in the absence of a greenhouse. So, I started my search to building my first greenhouse.

Exploring Alternative Solutions to a Greenhouse

Lavender flowers in front of greenhouse

I tried everything. I bought one of those flimsy "greenhouse" shelves with the clear vinyl covering. It worked as well and lasted as long as you might expect. I've used season extenders, cloches, heat mats, mini tunnels and more. I tried germinating seeds on windowsills in my house and in milk jugs in the garden. While they helped simulate insulated growing conditions, none of them worked as well as an actual greenhouse.

Throughout all of this, I still kept the dream alive. One day I would have a greenhouse.

The Dream of a Greenhouse: My Must Haves and Wants

Hydrangeas in front of white greenhouse

A greenhouse is a long-term investment. If I was going to take the leap, I wanted to do it right. I needed to determine my priorities in choosing one.

Selecting a Glazing Type

Firstly, I wanted a glass greenhouse rather than polycarbonate. I wanted clear, unfiltered panels that would let sunlight pass through and would allow for views from both inside and outside the greenhouse.

Accommodating Special Requirements

Secondly, I wanted a greenhouse that was large enough to accommodate a small seating space. Because what gardener wouldn't want to hang out with their plants year-round?

I also needed enough height to accommodate a small citrus tree which would need protection from freezing temperatures.

Finding a Long-Lasting Greenhouse

Lastly, it was very important to me that my greenhouse was built to last.  I didn't want a greenhouse that would eventually be held together with duct tape and end up in the landfill. Sustainability is very important to me in all areas of my life, and the greenhouse would not be an exception.

Ready to Take the Leap: Embracing the Exciting Journey Ahead

With these criteria in hand, it was very clear that I wouldn't be able to purchase a greenhouse off the shelf at a big box store. I knew that if I wanted a greenhouse that met these specific set of criteria, I would need to go to the experts.

That leads me to this point in my journey. After over a decade of workarounds, I am finally ready to add a greenhouse to my garden. The prospect of taking the leap is both exciting and a relief! I can finally take my gardening game to the next level.

Now that I am committed to this project, I need to sort out the details. How big was it going to be? Where would it be sited? When and how would I build it?

So, get ready to join me on this exciting journey as I delve into all the details of building my dream greenhouse. I'll be sharing every step of the way, so stay tuned and let's grow together!

Cottage BC Greenhouse in brown size 8x12 with single glass glazing


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