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Strawberries covered in dew

August Crops in the Greenhouse

August Plants

August crops are growing so fast that I should have a time-lapse camera to record the speedy growth. It’s a good thing I’m home all month to watch the changes and get the next crops planted and growing.  Check out my tips to grow your own food too!

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cabbage growing amongst flowers

Killing your plants with kindness? - Greenhouse Watering Solutions

Watering Problems?

Hand watering is fun for gardeners. If you are around to get the job done. But a wilted plant is a stressed plant and stressed plants get buggy. I would love to stay home all summer watering my
greenhouse at exactly the right minute but that’s just wishful thinking. The truth is, life gets in the way and instead of tending my tomatoes and pacifying my pak choi with hand watering I seem to travel just when my babies need me.

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Bulbs starting to grow in a bowl

Persuading Bulbs

For the friends with the winter blues, or being impressive on Valentine's Day, consider forcing bulbs. "Forcing" sounds ruthless, but it's the process of condensing the bulb's winter and spring, so the flowers bloom in early winter instead of mid-Spring. A greenhouse makes this easy, and foolproof.

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