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Donna Balzer in her greenhouse, reading a book.

Cool Down Your Greenhouse: Benefits of Using Shade Cloth

Benefits of Shade Cloth

I’m sitting in my greenhouse sipping a cool drink as I look outside. With the current heatwave this is positively the coolest spot in the garden right now. But it didn’t use to be that way. Scorched leaves, dry soil and wilted, bolting lettuce used to be the norm.

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Door Drop Infographic

What is a Door Drop in a Greenhouse and Why Is It Important?

If you have dealt with BC Greenhouses in the past, you might have been asked about your door drop.   And you even may have wondered what we were talking about.  Here is a quick explanation to the door drop and why it is important for your hobby greenhouse plans.

Customize Your Hobby Greenhouse with a Door Drop

A door drop is a custom modification that lowers the greenhouse door into the foundation (or allows the door to be flush with the ground). Prior to manufacturing the greenhouse, BC Greenhouse Builders will ask for the dimensions of the “drop” which is the total height of the greenhouse foundation (which could be a concrete footing, one row of 4x4’s, or a custom rock wall for example). We will place an order for a custom piece of glass to install above the door for a perfect fit!

Drop Door Walkthrough

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BC Greenhouse Window sealant

Sealing a Greenhouse

How BCG Stands Out

BC Greenhouse Builders has taken great strides to ensure the best weather-sealed greenhouse on the market today. We have designed a system without the use of glazing clips as they create air (draft) gaps. Our greenhouse system utilizes a continuous exterior capping to fasten the glazing in the frame against an adhesive gasket for a weather-tight fit. Additionally, we incorporated weather stripping into our doors, windows and vents to ensure a draft-free greenhouse.

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BC Greenhouse Team back in the day

A Turning Point for BC Greenhouse Builders: Growing Our Online Presence

A History of a Family Business and the Changes It's Faced

There are certain points in a company's history that change the course of a business. There have been many over the years and one of them sticks out in my mind today. BC Greenhouse Builders secured our IP address in 1995 to sell greenhouses online. For a small family business, this was progressive and ahead of the curve.

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65 Years of Greenhouse Manufacturing: What's Changed & What Hasn't

The Evolution of Custom Greenhouse Manufacturing: From Handcrafted to Online

As a custom greenhouse manufacturer, there are some things that have changed in 65 years but many things that haven't. Certainly, the scope of the business and going online in 1995 shook things up. Shipping internationally and growing our distribution have changed but the ethos of the company stays the same.

Customized Greenhouses: Our Manufacturing Process is Still Hands-On

The manufacturing process continues to be very "hand's on". Our productions team has a hand in every greenhouse that is made and almost all greenhouses are customized in some way and manufactured in our facility.

Quality Materials: Why Polycarbonate comes from Italy

All of our parts, pieces and components like capping, screws and fasteners are sourced in North America except for our polycarbonate. The poly comes from Italy because it's the best and weather so much better than other products we've seen.

Old School Customer Service: Over-Delivering with Every Purchase

Our approach to customer service is still very old school. We like to talk to people on the phone and try to over-deliver with every purchase.

Slowing Down Life: The Joy of Getting Back to Nature in Your Custom Greenhouse

The speed of daily life changes things and the one thing that we hear time and again is how much joy our customers experience getting back to nature and slowing life down.

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