Sealing a Greenhouse

BC Greenhouse Window sealant

How BCG Stands Out

BC Greenhouse Builders has taken great strides to ensure the best weather-sealed greenhouse on the market today. We have designed a system without the use of glazing clips as they create air (draft) gaps. Our greenhouse system utilizes a continuous exterior capping to fasten the glazing in the frame against an adhesive gasket for a weather-tight fit. Additionally, we incorporated weather stripping into our doors, windows and vents to ensure a draft-free greenhouse.

To protect your plants from the elements and maintain desired temperatures, we provide a silicone sealant to seal all the panels that fit into the aluminum tracks on the top, the bottom, inside and the outside of your greenhouse. By doing this, you can keep out most of the moisture from the end of the panels. If this sealing process is not done, water will sit in the bottom of the frame, fill the inside of the panels and grow algae.

What to do:

Only seal where indicated in your instructions as BCG has a built in active weep system that expels moisture outside of the greenhouse. Look for spots where the glazing is sitting in a track or aluminum “h” frames. Seal this edge, including the ends of the bars. Lastly, seal all junctions where the panels fit into the door frame bar and the “h” under the above door angle.

Instructional Video on Sealing Your Greenhouse: