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BC Greenhouse Builders

BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd. was incorporated in 1951. Henry Heinen, employed with the company since 1959, purchased the company in 1972 with his wife Greta. With Henry’s expertise in design and manufacturing, he endeavoured to create the highest quality greenhouses called Cross Country Greenhouses. Henry and Greta’s son Rick now leads the company into new markets with innovative designs while continuing the legacy of a quality made product.

Sealing greenhouse

Properly Sealing your  Greenhouse

BC Greenhouse Builders has taken great strides to ensure the best weather-sealed greenhouse on the market today. We have designed a system without the use of glazing clips as they create air (draft) gaps. Our greenhouse system utilizes a continuous exterior capping to fasten the glazing in the frame against an adhesive gasket for a weather-tight fit. Additionally, we incorporated weather stripping into our doors, windows and vents to ensure a draft-free greenhouse.

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Overview of the Quad and Greenhouse at Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University's New Rooftop Greenhouse: A Growing Trend

This is the new rooftop greenhouse at Indiana Wesleyan University during the installation phase.  At 28x75 feet long, this commercial rooftop greenhouse will serve the Division of Natural Sciences.   Greenhouses for schools are certainly a growing trend and we are happy to be a part of this new exciting project for IWU!

Are you looking for this type of greenhouse? Contact us today to learn more about our commercial options.

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