Lean-to Greenhouse Info - Additional Benefits

Gable attached greenhouse

The benefits of a home-attached or lean to greenhouse

White Cottage Attached GreengreenhouseConvenient access to water and power and designed to maximize the heating benefits of your home, the attached greenhouse is a must for those wanting to extend the season and enjoy the view into the garden. BC Greenhouse Builders offers a lean to greenhouse kit and a gable design for home-attached greenhouses. A lean-to is a roof that has a single slope with its upper edge adjoining a wall or building. A gable-attached greenhouse is a typical freestanding greenhouse with the gable end removed and attached to a wall.

BC Greenhouses offers several glazing options with a home-attached greenhouse which includes single tempered glass, twinwall and fivewall polycarbonate as well as double glass. Glazing options can be intermixed to optimize your additional growing or living space.

For more information, request our free "Home-Attached Greenhouse Guide" for details on connections, foundations and best practices.

Black Traditional Lean-to Greenhouse