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Hügelkultur beds outside my Pacific BC Greenhouse

Thriving Plants with Hügelkultur: My Experience

Growing Soil with Hügelkultur

When I moved homes and built a new greenhouse, I was in for quite a surprise. The natural soil on my new lot is sand. Pure, yellow sand. This means it drains really well. It also means it does not hold nutrients to feed my plants.

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Interior of a BC Greenhouse

Maximize Your Growing Space in Your Greenhouse: Tips and Tricks

Maximize the growing space in your greenhouse

We are contacted daily by people looking to purchase a greenhouse to grow their own fruits and vegetables, extend their season and winter over, too. But what if you don't have a big yard but are concerned about food quality, potential supply chain issues, or even just having fresh produce readily available? The great news is that you can maximize the growing space in your greenhouse by thinking about it like a vertical and horizontal quadrant.  Use the space on the floor, containers or beds, wall space and shelving, framing bars that run the full sidewall height and the roof bars. Each framing bar is an interior bolt track system which means you can hang shelves, baskets, or accessories anywhere in the greenhouse.

When you are a gardener with a smaller sized greenhouse, you can make space for new growth.  In fact, you might like to read our blog post about how much produce you can grow in your 8x8 greenhouse! 

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Kyle during welcome speech at 70th Anniversary Staff Party this year

Today and into the Future: BC Greenhouse GM Reflects

About Kyle

Kyle began his storied career with BCG in 1997. “I actually worked with Rick’s brother in law Roger at Ryder Truck Rentals and he knew that Rick was looking for someone as an office guy. In true Roger fashion, he really oversold it and called it a ‘worldwide conglomerate’ as Roger would do and I thought “Wow, this sounds amazing”.  Worldwide actually meant that the company had shipped a greenhouse to Australia once.”  Flash forward to 2021 with Rick and Kyle at the helm and we truly are worldwide!

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Yew greenhouse

A Photographer's Backyard Greenhouse: Bigger, Better & Picture Perfect

BC Greenhouse Featured in Style at Home Magazine

BC Greenhouse Builders Limited, North America’s leading builder of hobby and estate greenhouses, is proud to announce the recent article “A Photographer's Backyard Greenhouse is Picture Perfect” by Christy Wright.  The article features our customer Emily Yewchuck and her stunning Cottage model 12x16 glass greenhouse.

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tomatoes growing in a greenhouse

Greenhouse Tomato Tips for Beating the Heat: July in the Greenhouse

The Trouble with Greenhouse Tomatoes

Do your greenhouse tomatoes have heat stroke?

If your tomato blooms are bending and falling off, flower and all, they are having a heatstroke. When extreme heat hits, greenhouse tomatoes fail to set fruit even as the leaves keep growing and new blooms appear.


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