Maximize Your Growing Space in Your Greenhouse: Tips and Tricks

Interior of a BC Greenhouse

Maximize the growing space in your greenhouse

We are contacted daily by people looking to purchase a greenhouse to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Some concerns we hear are about food quality, potential supply chain issues, or even just having fresh produce readily available. When you are a gardener with a smaller sized greenhouse, you have to get creative to make space for new growth.

Did you know: Our beginner level 8x8 greenhouse, The Sunhaven, can yield hundred of pounds of fruit and vegetables per year!


Here are some tips to make the most of your growing space

1. Use Hanging Baskets

Every BC Greenhouse roof bar can withstand a 50-pound hanging basket! Consider putting your cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and even smaller pepper plants up on the ceiling.

Find out more edible options for your hanging planters.



2. Build Off The Bench

Start your seeds at bench Level. The interior of the greenhouse frame is ideal to hang supplemental lighting if needed.

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3. Use The Floor

Line barrels and planters beneath the benches. It's the perfect spot to force bulbs or grow potatoes.

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4. Train Your Vines

From tomatoes to cucumbers, and even peppers, train the vines to climb the sidewalls. you can even catch them growing through the roof vents!


5. Ditch The Soil

Try your hand at aquaponic or hydroponic gardening to improve your yield. Greens and herbs love this method.

Learn the difference between aquaponic and hydroponic gardening.

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If you have a greenhouse with a higher ridge height, like the Cape Cod model, consider growing small citrus trees, such as orange or lemon trees.

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