Maximize Your Growing Space in Your Greenhouse: Tips and Tricks

Interior of a BC Greenhouse

Maximize the growing space in your greenhouse

We are contacted daily by people looking to purchase a greenhouse to grow their own fruits and vegetables, extend their season and winter over, too. But what if you don't have a big yard but are concerned about food quality, potential supply chain issues, or even just having fresh produce readily available? The great news is that you can maximize the growing space in your greenhouse by thinking about it like a vertical and horizontal quadrant.  Use the space on the floor, containers or beds, wall space and shelving, framing bars that run the full sidewall height and the roof bars. Each framing bar is an interior bolt track system which means you can hang shelves, baskets, or accessories anywhere in the greenhouse.

When you are a gardener with a smaller sized greenhouse, you can make space for new growth.  In fact, you might like to read our blog post about how much produce you can grow in your 8x8 greenhouse! 

Did you know: Our beginner level 8x8 greenhouse, The Sunhaven, can yield hundreds of pounds of fruit and vegetables per year!


Here are some tips to make the most of your growing space

1. Use Hanging Baskets

Every Cross Country Greenhouse by BC Greenhouse Builders has roof framing bars that can withstand a 50-pound hanging basket! Consider putting your cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and even pepper plants up on the ceiling. That means that you can place a basket on each side of the roof (or several if they are less than 50 pounds combined) which means at least 4-6 hanging baskets on the roof bars alone.

Find out more edible options for your hanging planters.



2. Build Off The Bench

Start your seeds at bench level. Worried that you might not have enough light? The interior of the greenhouse frame is a bolt track system and ideal to hang supplemental lighting if needed. Even a typical fluorescent light tube will get great results!

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3. Use The Floor

Line barrels, containers, grow bags and planters beneath the benches. It's the perfect spot to force bulbs or grow potatoes. It's also a great space during the colder weather. Place a heater below the bench and line up your tender plants under the bench, too.  Place an energy curtain or even a piece of plywood and create a warm, smaller space to heat in your shoulder seasons.  Many of our customers use this method to winter over! 

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4. Train Your Vines

From tomatoes to cucumbers, and even peppers, train the vines to climb the sidewalls. Use the eyebolts that we provide you with your greenhouse purchase. You can line twine up through the eyebolts on each framing bar to maximize your space! Your vines will literally reach for the sun and grow through your extra wide roof vents!  


5. Ditch The Soil

Try your hand at aquaponic or hydroponic gardening to improve your yield. Greens and herbs love this method. We are often asked if our greenhouses can be used for these systems. Yes! We have creative customers that use our greenhouses for biodomes, butterfly houses, pool covers, community gardens, and more. Think about it like a strong, structure ready for your vision. 

Learn the difference between aquaponic and hydroponic gardening.

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If you have a greenhouse with a higher ridge height, like the Cape Cod model, consider growing small citrus trees, such as orange or lemon trees.

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