3 Essential Considerations for Choosing Your Greenhouse Location

Selecting the ideal location for your greenhouse plans is a crucial step in your gardening journey. To ensure your plants thrive and your greenhouse remains in optimal shape, you need to carefully assess various factors. 

We will walk you through the top 5 considerations when choosing the perfect site for your greenhouse.

Sun Exposure

Hours of Sunlight You Will Need

To achieve optimal growth, your greenhouse should receive at lease 6 hours of winter sunlight daily. You can determine your daily sunlight exposure by visiting timeanddate.com/sun/. You can add your location directly to figure out what your sun exposure is during the shortest days of the year. If your desired location falls short of the recommended 6 hours of winter daylight, not to worry! You can utilize grow lights to supplement the short falls.

greenhouse sun exposure location

Here is a helpful guide to help you find your sun exposure. With harsher summer sunlight, you should focus on your winter sun exposure for optimal greenhouse-growing.

Greenhouse Orientation for Optimal Sun Exposure

For maximum sunlight absorption, align the longest side of your greenhouse to face south. This placement will attract the most sunlight during the day.

In cooler climates though, positioning your greenhouse from east to west can help with additional heat gain, which will extend your growing season.


A greenhouse that is easily accessible is more likely to be use regularly. Placing it in a location with a level walking path and close to utilities will help you get out there and gardening.

Apart from your personal use, consider the logistics of installing the greenhouse. Ensure it's easy to transport materials to your greenhouse construction site. BC Greenhouse Builder's greenhouses are all packaged and shipped in wooden crate, so ensure you have easy access to your build site will be key.

Banff Community Greenhouse

This location is central to all its caretakers in the community garden

Utilities and Your Greenhouse

Plan ahead for where you can access utilities like water and electricity.

Plumbing in the Greenhouse

No one wants to be lugging buckets of water out to their greenhouse, so a portion of our customers opt to run plumbing and install a sink in their greenhouse. Apart from watering plants, this can be helpful for sanitizing and cleaning gardening tools, cleaning up messes and floorings, and making sure you are cleaned up before heading in after an afternoon of gardening.

Electricity in the Greenhouse

Electricity is another often overlooked piece to planning a greenhouse. We typically recommend purchasing a greenhouse heater along with your greenhouse order. This will allow you to maintain growing temperatures to be able to start early and keep away frost. We also always recommend purchasing a greenhouse fan. Air circulation is key for greenhouse growing to promote growth, prevent mildew built, and to create a healthy environment for your plants.

In colder climates and in larger greenhouses, you may require a 220-volt heater, which exceeds the capacity of a standard North American circuit. Consult with an electrician to ensure you have the necessary power supply.

Need More Information to Plan Your Greenhouse?

By carefully considering these factors when selecting your greenhouse location, you'll create an environment that fosters healthy plant growth and maximizes your gardening success. Make your gardening journey more enjoyable and productive by choosing the perfect spot for your greenhouse.

Our "Ultimate Guide to Planning a Greenhouse" offers everything you need to consider when starting your greenhouse journey. View the new interactive version here. 

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