Heating & Cooling Solutions for Your Greenhouse: Expert Advice

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When offering heating and cooling suggestions for optimum climate control for your greenhouse, we ask our customers three things:

  1. Where will the greenhouse be located?
  2. What do you want to grow?
  3. How many season do you want to use the greenhouse?

Answering these questions will help you to discover the environment that will work best for you. The next step is choosing the best glazing to achieve your goals most efficiently whether that means a cool, warm or hot greenhouse.

Tips to maintain heat in the greenhouse:

Heat what you need

In colder months, using an energy curtain across the bench will keep the lower half toasty warm.

Bubble wrap

Line the interior walls for added insulation and reuse materials that you would typically throw in the garbage.

Black barrels

Create a thermal heat sync by filling black rain barrels with water. It will heat up during the day and release the warmth at night.

Circulation is critical in a greenhouse

Circulation helps to maintain even temperatures, controls condensation and keeps pests at bay. Place your heater on the floor towards the back of the greenhouse closest to the door (the source of heat loss). Put a circulating fan on bench level pointing up and towards the door. This will create a circular motion of needed air for your plants and increase efficiency in the greenhouse.

Some guidance on required heating & cooling:

This matrix is only a guideline for planning your greenhouse. Often times there are microclimates within these zones that require additional planning including lower zone areas that also get very warm in summer - additional cooling equipment may be required.

Guidance on Heating & Cooling

Guidance on Heating & Cooling

Our team of greenhouse experts have a climate calculator that will provide your needs based on what you would like to grow and your location. We love being able to discuss your specific needs and climate with you. 

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