Upgrade Your Greenhouse to Withstand Stronger Winds with BC Greenhouse Builders

Weather Vane

Leading in Greenhouse Strength

BC Greenhouse Builders is leading the pack on was to build and maintaining a greenhouse in almost any climate. 

Our Standard

All our greenhouses kits are rated for 85 miles per hour winds (135 KPH). We offer a unique service to upgrade the greenhouse to sustain higher winds up to 140 miles per hour (225 KPH) is necessary. Coastal areas that are hit hard by hurricane season and even some states and provinces see stronger winds throughout the year and many customers are requesting the upgrade.

How We Do It

The wind load is increased by adding additional bracing, and increasing the size of our horizontal braces and roof purlins when necessary. The typical solar automatic roof vent can be replaced with an upgraded wind-resistant vent. BCG will also replace the standard roof vents with exhaust fan systems in certain situations.

The greenhouse wind-load upgrades can be engineered to the specifications of all US States as well as all Canadian provinces and territories. When a permit is required, we partner with engineer firms that can supply sealed drawings with the acceptable guidelines. To determine the guidelines, customers must contact their local building department. BC Greenhouse Builders works within these guidelines to ensure the safety and longevity of your greenhouse.

For more information on your greenhouse plans or upgrading your greenhouse for higher winds, please call 1-888-391-4433.

Greenhouse nested in a fenced in garden