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Build the best greenhouse for you, forever. Listen to this greenhouse podcast and learn more about BC greenhouse Builders and their 70 Years of building high-quality greenhouses.




Episode Overview

Recently, Kyle Exner, General Manager at BC Greenhouse Builders, joined Donna Balzer to talk about the options when you are customizing your greenhouse. Kyle has ideas to build a forever greenhouse and he shares his 23 years of experience on this podcast. Learn about location, sun exposure, underground greenhouses, why weather resistance matters and more!

Wondering what to cover your greenhouse with?

That is called glazing and it will vary with your aesthetics and climate. "[Polycarbonate] does insulate better than say a single pane of glass. And it also diffuses the light. We would say the big benefit of polycarbonate [is] it's probably easier to get better results," Kyle says.

Wondering how to design your greenhouse to fit your site?

"We definitely work right alongside customers with designs. That would be one of my favourite things to do." (Surprisingly, you don't need a full sun site.)

BC Greenhouse Builders have designed Walipini's (underground greenhouses),  home attached and pyramid-style greenhouses for clients around the world. So bring your ideas and inspiration and create a one-of-a-kind forever greenhouse for your garden.

Listen to Donna Balzer's Podcast featuring Kyle Exner here.

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