Protect Your Greenhouse from Storms: Tips and Tricks

How to Prepare your Greenhouse for High Wind Storms

Tidying Up Before Storms

Tidy up ahead of storms, so that in the event of high winds or snow storms items such as trash bins, lawn furniture, pots and trays will not be blown into your greenhouse. If required, move all the accumulated equipment and supplies out of the way along the sides and around ends of your greenhouse if you would like to create a path to the greenhouse or prevent snow drifts from accumulating on the sidewalls.

hurricane greenhouse

Snow Storm Tips

If you are concerned about an upcoming winter storm, leave some minimal heat on inside the greenhouse to help reduce the amount of snow accumulating on the roof. When heavy snow is predicted, the greenhouse heating system should be turned on and the thermostat set at 70ºF (21 Celsius) or higher.
While our standard greenhouse is rated for 32 pounds per square foot, many of our customers will choose to take a broom and sweep off the snow drifts too to be cautious. It also allows light in and helps to increase the internal temperature of the greenhouse which will reduce additional snow build up.

Additional Tips to Protect your Greenhouse in a Storm:

• Disable the roof and side vent openers and use chicken wire to tie the vents closed.
• Place a heavy object in front of the door.
• Use tape to keep the exhaust fan blades from blowing open.
• Set exhaust fan and shutters to a warmer temperature to prevent them from turning on.
• For glass greenhouses, if you have time and material, use plywood to face the outside walls and roof to prevent flying debris/damage. All glass is safety tempered for considerable strength. *for intense tropical storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes if there’s time

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