Choosing the Right Glaze Type for Your Greenhouse Environment

Pacific greenhouse

What Type of Greenhouse Grower are You?

When prepping your greenhouse plans there are many considerations including your glaze type effecting your greenhouse environment. 



A Cold House Grower:

Our customer, Jenifer, lives in a mild climate and wants to winter over. Jen chose a greenhouse with single glass sidewalls and a twinwall polycarbonate roof. She maintains a night temperature of 40 - 45 Fahrenheit (5 - 7 Celsius) to protect her fuchsias, begonias and the polycarbonate roof adds extra protection for her tomatoes and peppers in the summer. The best of both worlds!

A Warm House Grower:

Tom lives in a colder climate that sees a significant amount of snow but he wanted to grow citrus trees, orchids and foxgloves. A Cape Cod fivewall polycarbonate was the perfect fit. With very little additional heat, Tom could maintain the night temperature of 55 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius). The fivewall polycarbonate glazing allowed for the best combination of light transmission and heat retention. The steep pitch of the roof causes the snow to simply slide off!

A Hot House Grower:

Nicholas wanted to create more living and growing space. He liked the idea of the home attached Pacific double glass and then was sold on its energy efficiency and was amazed at how easy it was to maintain a night temperature of 65 Fahrenheit (18 Celsius). He upgraded to the low E glass with the beauty capping and now has a three-season sitting and growing room for his tropical and rare houseplants. PLT816TW