Your Perfect Garden Awaits: Take Our Quiz to Find Your BC Greenhouse!

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Hello gardening friends! Are you ready to take your gardening to a new level? Our Perfect Match Greenhouse Quiz is a fun way to make your gardening dreams come true!

Our simple survey takes less than a minute to complete and is here to help you discover the glasshouse of your dreams. By answering questions about your greenhouse, style, size, and use, this quiz will help you uncover the BC Greenhouse for you!

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Check out this beautiful medium sized BC Greenhouse with room to grow!

This quiz significantly reduces browsing and confusion by providing personalized recommendations based on your choices. You may uncover answers to questions you didn't know you had. Discover all that BC Greenhouses has to offer in a fun quiz!

Considerations for Your Personalized Greenhouse Results

Gardening Expertise

Start by answering your level of gardening expertise, whether that's just getting started or you're already a seasoned green thumb.

Your Style

Next, choose your style, from Victorian elegance to classic and energy-efficient; we've got something for everyone.


Choose a greenhouse based on your purpose: whether you're growing, hosting, or cultivating, there is a greenhouse to suit every need.


Finding the ideal size for your perfect greenhouse is crucial. BC Greenhouses start small and intimate and go to—well, the sky's the limit!


One of the most important factors to consider is price. At BC Greenhouses, we have budget-friendly finds for our thrifty green thumbs. However, we also offer opulence and elegance for those wanting a luxury glass house.

Theme Song

Of course, we had to ask you to choose a theme song for your greenhouse; it's essential to finding your perfect match.

Take the first step in finding the glasshouse of your dreams! Click the link below to access our quiz and get your personalized recommendation. BC Greenhouses has a unique solution tailored to meet your specific needs!

Still Need Some Inspiration?

If taking the quiz didn't give you all the information you need, check out our catalogue for more! Our catalogue features tons of inspiration, where you can find further details and preview many of our beautiful greenhouses. Register for our catalogue by filling out the form below!