Tips for Fall Greenhouse Preparation

Fall greenhouse

Blue painted greenhouse in Fall

  • Place portable heaters near the floor closer to the entry of your Greenhouse Garden so that they will replace lost heat quickly.
  • Line the inside of your greenhouse with a clear 4 mm plastic. Use special insulating clips or short pieces of rope, pushed into the slot of each extrusion.
  • Ventilation and air circulation is important in the winter months. To keep your temperature distributed evenly in your greenhouse, keep your circulating fan running. This will reduce the amount of condensation in your greenhouse and help control plant diseases.
  • Only open vents and doors on warm days. Keep your doors and vents closed at night.
  • In smaller greenhouses, around 100 sq ft, keep your circulating fan at one end of the greenhouse, opposite the heater / door, at about bench level directing across and slightly up.
  • After the first frost dig up your summer blooming bulbs. Remove all dead foliage and gently remove bulbs from the soil, careful not to damage the bulbs. Shake off all the dirt and let dry for a few days in your greenhouse. Store in paper bags or any mesh bag with air circulation. Keep in a cool, dry place with plenty of air circulation.
  • Aphids can be controlled with a strong spray of soapy water or insecticide soap which is best done early in the day to allow your plants to dry before the evening. This helps to avoid and fungal diseases.
  • Water your tomatoes less frequently to encourage the fruit to mature. Snip off all blossoms, as they will not have time to mature.